In February, more than 150 Arkansans gathered in a small church basement in Little Rock for a conversation about racial equity and social justice. 

The Panel invited the Center for Social Inclusion, one of the leading racial equity and social justice think tanks in the US, to lead the workshop. The crowd brought an overwhelming amount of support, and together, we created an open environment for honest conversations about race and justice. The room was filled with a natural energy and it was incredible to see people from all walks of life engage one another and share their stories in a safe space. 

Our goal is to strengthen the analysis of a diverse group of leaders about how inequality has influenced policy decisions for decades. Individual bias is harmful to our society, but structural bias written into our laws and policies is having a profound impact on who has a fair chance to succeed and who has to jump extra hurdles for opportunities. 

The Panel is forming a Steering Committee on Racial Equality to create a strategy to move forward. For more info, contact David at