Water is our lifeline. We must protect it.

Helping Arkansans secure and sustain our clean, fresh water

Arkansas has some of the cleanest, freshest water in the world, but we must act now to protect it.

  • Water is our state’s most vital and valuable resource.
  • Arkansas faces many challenges including pollution, depletion, and mismanagement that threaten the viability of our rivers, lakes, and streams.

Leaders within the Panel-supported Citizens First Congress helped pass legislation revising our State Water Plan and ensuring a public and transparent planning process

State agencies and industry leaders have adopted new rules and practices to promote safer drilling and cleaner water thanks to advocacy from landowners and activists.




In 2015, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (and the Arkansas Public Service Commission announced the state would move forward to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, even though the governor and attorney general have vowed to take legal action against it.


Our energy activists and our network of allies have built the public will and the policy framework that helped the state make this forward-thinking move.

The Citizens First Congress helped laid the groundwork in 2007 by persuading legislators to establish the Governor’s Commission on Global Warming.

We helped get the right people appointed to the Commission and they made recommendations that led to policies.