#StandUp4LR represents a coalition of community advocates and stakeholders who demand a strong, traditional public school system that serves the full needs of every child and enhances the City of Little Rock and surrounding areas. #StandUp4LR recognizes the firm correlation between a successful public school system and a vibrant city and fights to ensure Little Rock has both.

Following the state takeover of the Little Rock School District (LRSD), very little has been done to rid the district of the issues it continues to face. In addition, Arkansas Department of Education Commissioner Johnny Key and the State Board of Education have continuously made decisions that actively undermine the success of the LRSD. The #StandUp4LR Coalition grew out of a series of actions by state decision-makers that lacked transparency, community input, and positive solutions to issues the LRSD faces.

Mission: build capacity among Little Rock stakeholders and respond collectively to the the decisions affecting LRSD youth, push for stronger positive outcomes in LRSD schools, and return the LRSD to a local, democratically-elected school board.  


  1. Return the Little Rock School District to its democratically-elected school board with local control

  2. Organize  with parents, caregivers, and community members for schools that create positive outcomes for every child

  3. Stop the expansion of 1) privately-run public charter schools and 2) school and district waivers.


Parent & Student Engagement→ Help build strong parent and student engagement base who’s active in decision-making for their schools and highly educated on current education issues. Help guide them in creating their own campaign plan for the district.

Community Educators and Collaboration→ Support teacher action and help counter the bad teacher (union) narrative; involve current and former educators in current education issues.

Positive Outcomes and Reforms→ Community Schools and other research and community-based approaches towards schools and student equity.

Coalition of Community Partnerships→ work with legislators, community groups, grasstops, business and faith communities to organize and uplift opportunities of collaboration with schools and LRSD.

Education, Marketing & Communications→ Working with other teams, build a marketing & communications campaign centered in uplifting schools and the LRSD; connect StandUp4LR’s goals with media sources (identify speakers, writers, interviews); cultivate statewide outreach efforts.