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Independent Traffic Study Finds Boulevard Best Option to Beat I-30 Congestion

A study commissioned by a group of concerned citizens shows a boulevard is the best way to cut congestion on Interstate 30, while the highway department’s current proposal would actually increase congestion.

Norm Marshall, President of Smart Mobility, recently completed traffic modeling for the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department's 12 lane freeway proposal and compared it to alternatives.

Marshall will present his findings at the City Board Meeting at 6:00 p.m., May 17th at City Hall. Marshall will present to the public the same day at 7:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 723 Center Street, Little Rock, AR. All citizens are invited to both meetings.

Tom Fennell, a local architect and member of Improve 30Crossing said, “I am gratified that Norm Marshall’s traffic modeling has confirmed that the best long term approach is a true boulevard from the river through the I-630 interchange. This approach is great for economic development, far less expensive, and better for reducing congestion.'"

Improve 30Crossing commissioned Marshall to analyze and report on AHTD’s planning methodology for the the project. The first part of the report was released in April, and found AHTD’s proposal will likely increase congestion, rather than reduce it.

City Director Kathy Webb said, “Mr. Marshall’s report calls our highway department’s methods into question, and I hope this new traffic modeling will inspire AHTD engineers to take a fresh look at the problems with their current proposal."  

Marshall helped found Smart Mobility, Inc. in 2001. Since its founding, Marshall has managed projects in Chicago, Austin, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Louisville and other regions.  Marshall has over three decades of experience with traffic modeling, evaluating government agencies’ transportation proposals, and with developing programs that address regional needs with a variety of transportation solutions.  (See

Improve 30Crossing is working in partnership with the Arkansas Public Policy Panel on an effort to develop sustainable alternatives to the proposed AHTD expansion of the I-30 freeway in downtown Little Rock. For more, join the “Improve 30Crossing” Facebook page, or read the full report here


The Arkansas Public Policy Panel is a statewide organization dedicated to achieving social and economic justice by organizing citizen groups around the state, educating and supporting them to be more effective and powerful, and linking them with one another in coalitions and networks. The Panel seeks to bring balance to the public policy process in Arkansas.