Help Us Celebrate Arkansas Dragon Slayers June 25

Leaders across Arkansas have fought together in the past year against efforts to turn our school systems over to private corporations and stop legislation that would legalize discrimination. They’ve won progress for clean water and energy, for basic civil rights, and for access to health care. 

We hope you will join us in thanking fantastic leaders from across the state for standing up for a better Arkansas! 

George Goehl, national director of People’s Action, is our guest speaker. George is leading an effort to challenge social justice organizers and advocates to stop settling for the change that is possible now and invest in longer-term strategies to change what is possible. 

People’s Action is uniting over one million people coast-to-coast who have a fierce commitment to fighting for human dignity and rebuilding our country on a foundation of racial, gender and economic equity and climate justice. You don’t want to miss him. 

Join Us Saturday, June 25, at the Dragon Slayer Award Banquet, Arkansas 4-H Center, Ferndale.