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Thank you so much for your support of our work. Organizing grassroots Arkansans to move our state forward and hold our legislators accountable has never been more important than it is now.

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The elections this year are a lot to digest. Your support will help us respond effectively.

We need your help to scale up our organizing and coalition work to engage more people, help them discuss their hopes and fears, and help them pursue solutions that THEY develop. Your support helps our organizers build relationships among Arkansans of all walks of life and breaks down the alienation many people feel from the political process. You are helping our grassroots community leaders deepen our work on civil and human rights.

Some members of our community are now genuinely afraid of their new government and we will do everything we can to stand in solidarity with them and keep them safe. Right now our leaders and staff are helping students and parents intervene to stop race-based violence at several schools in the wake of the election.

We will also continue to hold ALL politicians accountable for progress and promoting a civil discourse that unites us.

Your support helped us fight and defeat attempts to legalize religious discrimination, give our public schools to private corporations and gut water quality standards in the last legislative session.

The Arkansas Legislature will be back in January and your support will help push the 10 Priorities for Better Arkansas our members elected to create clean energy jobs, improve our schools, fix our criminal justice system, expand access to health care and more.

Your support will help us watchdog the legislature and sift through the more than 3,000 bills that will be filed to spot the bad apples as well as the unexpected bright spots.

Your support allows us to mobilize thousands of Arkansans to contact their legislators, hold press conferences and rallies that expose misguided legislation and build coalitions that protect our values.

Just last week lawmakers proposed cuts in funding for our schools so they can divert that money to tax cuts for the wealthy. We pushed back and got some of the funding restored thanks to grassroots pressure and the work of several coalition partners.

ORGANIZED PEOPLE HAVE POWER. YOUR support builds that power.

We simply cannot do it without you.

Please give today, so we can continue to push our elected officials to prioritize the needs of Arkansas families. 


Bill Kopsky

Executive Director


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