Sign here if you will join us in committing to a renewed conversation about race and opportunity in Arkansas.

The conversation needs to be inclusive of whites, African Americans, Latinos and every other part of our society. It must honor our different viewpoints but be grounded in data. And it must change attitudes as well as actions and policy.

We have had these conversations before. Moms of school children started the Arkansas Public Policy Panel where I work in 1963 precisely to have these conversations. It should be bi-partisan -- Republican Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller had these conversations. Many in our communities have been trying to have these conversations for a long time.

We'll be posting material to this website and this Facebook page to help inform the conversation, and we'll partner with other groups across Arkansas to host community conversations in the coming year.

The hate groups of America hope to spark a violent revolution. Let's create a counterrevolution of opportunity by shining a light on our uncomfortable inequities, tearing them down together and building a healthier community led by love.