The Arkansas Citizens First Congress is a multi-issue and non-partisan coalition of more than 50 organizations who work together for progressive changes in state policy. Coalition members come from all corners of the state and work on many different issues. At the Arkansas Legislature, the coalition members lobby together on a common agenda. They also watchdog the legislature, and lobby against threats to progressive policy. The Arkansas Citizens First Congress has lobbied lawmakers at the Arkansas Legislature since 1999.

The Panel supports the Arkansas Citizens First Congress, a coalition that has expanded the impact of residents by:

  1. Convening 50 organizations from across the state including local community groups, established policy groups, advocacy organizations, and institutional partners to advance common goals
  2. Mobilizing constituents in districts from every region of the state to advocate with their legislators for better policies
  3. Securing major legislative victories that have improved schools, promoted fair elections, ensured the viability of local farms, and much more.

Ten Priorities for a Better Arkansas

  • Improve opportunities to learn for all students with research proven education reforms
  • Support a sound state budget, and fair tax reform and Renewal of the Private Option Insurance Program
  • Support energy efficiency and renewable energy reforms that reduce carbon pollution, save consumers money and create jobs
  • Develop a new State Water Plan that uses the best science and engages a broad range of Arkansans
  • Oppose all attempts at state-level immigration reform and oppose punitive anti-immigrant legislation
  • Prison Reform & Judicial Equality for Mental Health
  • Fair Election Reform to increase standards and transparency in elections
  • Address wage theft, raise the minimum wage and implement worker safeguards and reforms
  • Create an Arkansas Civil & Human Rights Commission
  • Reform eminent domain to protect citizens

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